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Esther Lehman

Esther Lehman

Middle East Correspondent Living in Israel

Esther moved to Israel in October of 1988 as a Jew making Aliyah. She gets involved with the people of Israel and understands the situation because they are also her people. She trained at the Wingate Institute of Health and Sports and works as a fitness Instructor and personal trainer in Maale Adumim and Jerusalem. Esther is also a Krav Maga Expert, she holds the rank of 3rd Dan with 25 years’ experience. Esther currently teaches Krav Maga classes and seminars to students worldwide. She also held seminars for women with self-defense courses all over Israel.

She recently became a member of the International Press Association, and has provided written articles for blogs, websites and other media outlets around the U.S. Esther hosts and builds websites for which she writes many articles and content in many subjects. She is a great speaker and teacher, she knows how to report information and news in a calm and respectful way. She transmits her hope for peace and love with positive energy and faith. Her dream is to present the truth she knows because of her heritage, to the Western and Christian World.

She continues to live in Israel working among the people, and is willing to travel to bring the truth about Israel to the West. To receive their Israel Updates, articles and news reports, you can reach them at www.newsinisrael.com

Esther is the author of three books: Lose Fat by Reducing Stress, Your Nutrition Workbook and 10 Best Ways to Start Losing Weight. Her books are currently being sold on Amazon and other platforms. She is the CEO of Holy Land Oils she uses oils that are made right here on Israeli soil.  Israeli soil is rich in minerals, which influences and endows the high quality of my oils.

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