Arabs Celebrating Murder of Jews

Arabs Celebrating Murder of Jews

Arabs Celebrating Murder of Jews, Very Shocking!

July 25th, 2017

written by Esther Lehman

Tonight, I googled the sentence “Arabs Celebrating About of Jews”. I was curious to see what the outcome would be, and what I saw was truly shocking. But wait not so shocking, I told myself I should have known better. Arabs celebrating in the streets of Gaza, Ramallah, Azariah, Lebanon and even Jordan in the light of attacks are now common and predictable.

Arabs Celebrating Murder of Jews

Are you curious about my search result? It was a whopping 754,000 results.

So, what triggered this surge in celebrations? It was after the tragic murder that Omar El Abed a Muslim, who stabbed to death three members of a family. The victims were celebrating the birth of a grandson when the Palestinian terrorist entered their home armed with a large knife and stabbed to death Yosef Salomon, 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon, 46, and son Elad Salomon, 36.

Muslim celebrations of terror attacks on Jews, involve singing, dancing and distributing sweets to all. The celebration occurs in their streets, and pertain to the whole community. They chant lyrics, something like “death to the Jews”, while Praising Allah in delirious joy for their great fortunes.

Another form of celebration for Arabs are more terror attacks, there are so many young Arabs who get motivated and excited to be the next martyr.

Security alerts are very high now in Israel, Police and Army are setting up extra security checks points. Very often traffic is stopped up for an hour or more, Police are checking every single vehicle to keep Israeli citizens safe. Security barriers on many of highways and urban streets are now a common sight, a journey that would have usually taken 30 minutes, now takes an hour and a half.

Muslims terrorists do not need a reason to kill, they fabricated their history and their connection to the land of Israel. Their Imam in their mosques every Friday incite terror and call for the murder of the Jews. They feed their people with fake ideology based on hatred and revenge.

Security in Israel is a must, Israel has a right to protect itself, just like any country in the world. The Old City of Jerusalem has been the scene of numerous deadly gruesome stabbings and gun attacks. Dozens of Israeli civilians and tourists have been killed by Arab attacks in Jerusalem, the West Bank and many cities across Israel.

Muslims also celebrated the terror attack on the two Israeli Police officers in Temple Mount. On July 14th 2017 two Israeli policemen were fatally shot by three Arabs outside the Temple Mount compound. Israel installed new security cameras at the entrances, metal detectors have long been used at the Temple Mount’s entrances. Muslims say it is a violation of their sovereignty and protested fiercely for their rights. The destruction of Israel is their ultimate goal and want the convenience of being able to murder and commit terror attacks without hindrance.

Arabs Celebrating Murder of Jews

Let’s look at some facts:

FACT – The Arabs will always hate the Jews, they want to destroy Israel from the river to the sea…

FACT – It is unlikely for there will be peace in the middle east. Many Arab leaders have stressed that they will never allow Israel to have peace, therefore they are constantly doing terror attacks.

FACT – Until the Arabs have a leader that does not incite hatred, they are not capable of living in peace.


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