Demonstrations in Gaza IAF Retaliates

Demonstrations in Gaza IAF Retaliates

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Esther Lehman

Before the end of the Sabbath, the IAF began bombing a Hamas targets and blasting terror tunnels and other infrastructures. It is confirmed that Israel’s Fighter planes hit and neutralized a terror tunnel that was in the process of construction. The Arabs were planning to use this tunnel to infiltrate Israel and murder Jews and do terror attacks all over Israel.

During the past few weeks, there have been many violent, destructive and toxic demonstrations in Gaza, they have been burning up vehicle tires with complete disregard for the environment. They vandalized several points on the Gaza side on the Kerem Shalom crossing and set them on fire. They hit pipelines that carry gas supply from Israel into the Gaza Strip, it is an infrastructure that is supposed to serve the Gazan Palestinians and take care of their welfare.

Hundreds of Gazan demonstrators aggressively entered the compound and set fire to the gas pipeline. They have been at least two attempts to run over soldiers in within Israel itself. They are upset at Trump, and the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel.

US President Donald Trump referred to the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem and wrote in his Twitter account: “A big week ahead of us, the Israeli embassy is moving to Jerusalem. Greetings to everyone! “On Monday, at the ceremony itself, Trump is expected to send a photo greeting.


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