Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists riot to justify Murder of Jews

Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists riot to justify Murder of Jews

Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists riot to justify Murder of Jews

Written by

Esther Lehman

“Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists riot”. They have always been “rioting”, but in the wrong sense of the word. Arab riotings are vicious with a violence that the western world has only recently been exposed to. Hamas and Islamic Jihadists want to justify and fuel their persistent ardent desire to murder Jews.

The Israelis are compelled to enforce their right to defend themselves, and are then slammed by western reporters, news channels and other media routes.

In the Israeli retaliation at least 24 Hamas and Jihad terrorists were killed, these terrorists are considered “soldiers” in the eyes of the Arab people. In fact they are fearsome Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists who regularly attack and riot at the Gazan border to murder Israeli citizens living nearby.

And yet, even after the most terrifying and violent video footage the world witnessed of all the Arab rioting, headlines around the world vilify Israel for protecting their citizens. Read the headline of the New York Post on May 14th: “Dozens killed as Palestinians clash with Israeli troops on Gaza border”. This heading Insinuates that Israel entered Gaza without a justified reason and killed innocent rioters, and this is completely maddening!

Does Hamas really want peace with Israel?

When will the world understand that Hamas does not want peace with Israel or anyone else, Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists only want for the destruction of Israel and then ultimately the world. Arab leaders regularly state in great pride that they will never allow Israel to live in peace. Arabs will continue to murder Jews in violent and sick terror attacks while the world justifies them.

Israel is very grateful to America’s President and Thank God that President Trump and Nikki Haley are speaking up in Israel’s defense.

These are the suspected Hamas Terrorists Killed By Israel in Self Defense!

Hamas Terrorists Killed By Israel in Self Defense

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